Types of Andar Bahar

 You may have heard of the popular Bollywood song – Tanha mein akela, toota tara! The good news is, you will never feel alone ever again. All you need to escape the pangs of solitude is your mobile phone. Even if you are missing your friends, you can entertain yourself with a game of Andar Bahar. That’s what many Indians are already doing! Our research has shown that regardless of who you are, be it a Mithibai college-going teenager or a corporate executive or even a housewife, Andar Bahar is now becoming the de-facto option for anyone who wants to alleviate his or her boredom!

Now let’s look at the various ways you can play the Andar Bahar game.

a) Andar Bahar online 

Firstly, you can play it alone. And your location absolutely doesn’t matter! You can be sitting alone in Jantar Mantar or you could be in the cozy air-conditioned environs of your home. Just log on to a online casino site like Fairplay999 and start playing Andar Bahar. In this case, the ‘person’ dealing out the cards is a world-class software program that creates a random sequence of cards from the infinite combinations possible based on an algorithm and deals them out. So you can rest assured there is completely trust-worthy.

b) Andar Bahar Live

Some players don’t want to play against software programs and algos! Each player has his own ‘khelne ka tareeka’ and theories and we are nobody to judge. They like to play in front of a table and they want to real human being deal out the cards. Maybe they feel more in control and honestly, this is completely natural. So online casino sites like Fairplay999 offer a live Andar Bahar version. This is like playing at a live casino where that the dealer is right in front of you, on your screen. The sound quality, ambient music and the realistic graphics will ‘transport’ you inside a casino. God is often in the detail and you will find that online casinos spend a lot of effort in creating the designs of the tables, the costumes of the dealers, the texture on the tables and the background colour themes –  all of which goes a long way in creating a distinct visual identity and impression in the player’s mind.

c) Andar Bahar Multiplayer

 As we mentioned, players are a finicky lot! Some players strongly believe that the ‘propah’ way to play Andar Bahar is when there are many players playing simultaneously at the same time on a single table. It can be online or it can be live – that doesn’t matter as long as many players are participating! It is possible to chat with other players. Apart from the thrill of winning and trying your luck, this kind of Andar Bahar fulfills the human need for social interaction. Each version has its pros and cons. The only disadvantage here is that the player will not have the liberty of choosing his ‘lucky’ card when the round of Andar Bahar starts.

How to cheat in Andar Bahar

Want to be successful while playing a game of Andar Bahar? If you are still reading, you probably are! Well, that’s a good enough reason to introduce you to the best cheating devices that will help you win every game you play! The practice of using cheating devices is gaining rapid popularity and it has become a common phenomenon for players to resort to these devices.

These games are high stake affairs. The player and the casino or dealers are always trying to look for every little extra edge. If the player want so come up trumps, he needs highly evolved strategies and every kind of help, even from technology.

There are many companies that have come up in recent times, especially in Delhi and other parts of North India that are committed to helping players go one up against competition. This competition could be casino or even other players. 

In life, knowledge is power and the same principle holds true even while playing card games like Andar Bahar, poker or Teen Patti. In this case, we are talking about keeping abreast of the latest tricks, techniques and technologies that are now available on various ecommerce sites that can help a player make big wins in the game of wits, which card games are all about. 

In this case, we are talking about keeping abreast of the latest techniques and technologies that are now available on various ecommerce sites which can help a player make big wins in the game of wits, which cardwww.fairplay999.com/teen-patti-live games are all about. 

So what are these devices? Well, it includes a wide range of items – There are specialised decks of playing cards with minute markers which only you can see. So when your competitor is holding that card, thanks to the marking, you can decipher what suit he is holding! 

The most famed original manufacturer of such cards is 85-year old Italian firm, Modiano Inc. from Italy. Their cards are made of a special patented plastic. They are waterproof,  highly reliable and synonymous with consumer trust. Their cards have a unique product innovation – their cards are etched with Ultra Violet radiation markers. These create patterns of digits on the backside of the cards which only the player can see by wearing a special kind of contact lens!

Impressed with the above example? Well, this is just the beginning. Another innovation that is really creating a sensation is the Chloro Fluorosecent Lighting device that can glean out all the details about the playing cards of opponents. Thanks to its special refractive technology, it is able to capture highly accurate hi-resolution views of the playing cards of your opponent within a distance of 9 metres. It is impossible for anybody to suspect anything!

What is more, this information can be relayed to a laptop or a smartphone that is being carried by the player during the game giving him valuable tips on everything he needs to win the game. At upwards of Rs. 150,000, it is on the expensive side but as any player will tell you, it is definitely worth it and much more!

Fascinating Facts about Card Games

Everyone has played Teenpatti or the Andar Bahar card game. They are socially relaxing, a lot of fun and also provide intellectual stimulation. No wonder they are popular all over India. But have you thought about where and how these card games originated? What is their source? Read on and discover interesting nuggets of information about card games.

1. Cards were linked to the socio-economic levels in French society

French society in the medieval period had 4 levels –

1.     The kings and nobility – represented by the Spades

2.     The priests and clergy – represented by the hearts

3.     The mercantile class or merchants – represented by the diamonds

4.     Humble farmers and peasants – represented by the Clubs

So the next time you are playing cards, you know you are literally holding a piece of history!

2. In the casinos of Las Vegas and Macao, a deck of cards is thrown away after 1 hour.

 As you know, casinos attract big crowds. Every table is busy dealing out cards and for the more cards they deal out, the more transactions. Indeed, time is money here! But this high frequency takes a toll on the cards. The cards go through wear and tear. Sometimes they bend or get twisted. And this can possibly give the players that extra edge which no casino will allow! The solution? Plenty of decks are kept as stand by. It’s exactly like in Wimbledon where thousands of tennis balls are kept readily available, in some of them get spoilt.

3. Casanova loved playing cards

Surely you have heard of the world’s foremost expert on matters related to love and seduction! Giacomo Casanova was a Venetian who, apart from his amorous interests, was also into playing cards. In fact, he was a regular presence at the top gambling houses and clubs across Europe. Recently, a collector’s edition of cards – Memoires de Casanova was released which contained cards that had illustrations of the women Casanova had dalliances with! The illustrations were the handiwork of famous artist – Paul Emile Becat.

4.     The faces on cards are those of real historical figures from royalty

 There are number cards and there are face cards. The face cards are not based on nondescript people but represent the faces of some of the most powerful kings and queens who ruled the earth. Who are they?

The king of hearts is Prince Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great. (Charles 1) He was king of the Franks from 768. In 774, he became king of the Lombards and eventually in 800, the king of Rome. His greatest achievement was uniting the western and central Europe. 

The king of diamonds is Julius Caesar, also known as the most famous man in all of antiquity. He was the first dictator of Rome and had many great victories including the conquest of Gaul. His assassination is the most famous in all of history. 

The king of clubs is Alexander the Great, the Macedonian prince, who at the age of 27, conquered the whole world and razed to the ground the most powerful civilization of its time, the Persians. The king of spades is King David, the shepherd boy who became king of Israel and Judah after slaying the monster Goliath. He is often mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as one of the wisest kings ever.

3 great gambling movies on Netflix & Amazon Prime

Who doesn’t love a cool gambling flick? Hollywood certainly does and if you look at the box receipts of 2200 million US dollars generated by gambling themed movies in the last 25 years, even the audience loves them!

Well, these are some of the best gambling movies we could find, in Netflix and Amazon Prime. Enjoy!

1. Casino

 Martin Scorsece directed this 1995 classic starring Rob de Niro, essaying the role of Ace Rothstein. Ace is an expert casino player, sent on a mission to smoothen things at the Tangiers casino in Vegas. His employers? The Chicago mafia! De Niro is ably supported by Joe Pesci (playing the role of Nicky Santoro), whose brutality and readiness to use the gun provides a character contrast to the icy-cool De Niro.

The movie exposes the dark underbelly of the shiny casino world, the way it once was, where money rules and any violation of trust is repayable only with ultimate price. It shines a spotlight on how the mafia laundered money, the sophisticated evasion techniques and the money-driven Nevada politics and the tug of war with the Gaming Commission. All of which makes for a tantalizing and complex tale with multiple plot points and layers. 

It will always be known for De Niro’s mind-numbingly cool line – ‘“There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way and the way that I do it.” Available on Netflix.

2.   21

 This must be surely one of the most original and coolest gambling flicks ever. The premise is a true story – How a gang of students, studying in the highly prestigious MIT attempt to pull off a heist at a Vegas casino by playing Texas Hold’em and blackjack. 

What makes them do it? Well, the main protagonist, Benjamin Campbell, is in a fix as he can’t afford to pay the astronomically high fees of 300K USD after getting admission into Harvard’s prestigious  Medical School. But Ben is also freakingly good at math. So, in a twist of fate, he joins a professor in MIT who is already developing a complex algorithm of play blackjack and somehow gain the edge at a casino.

Though Ben was initially hesitant, he plunges into his new endeavor with zeal, fuelled by the easy money and greed that keeps spiraling out of control. Ben multi-tasks, jumping between Vegas and his college, putting himself under undue stress and begins to crack. This is a movie that has got it all – action, drama but what truly elevates it to another level is the accuracy with which it captures the trails and tribulations of the gambling mind. Available on Netflix.  

3. Snake Eyes

This features one of our favourite actors of all time, Nicolas Cage.  Cage is a cynical, unethical detective looking for his big chance just before a big boxing bout in Atlantic City. The reigning champion is Lincoln Tyler who is about to take the ring to reclaim his status as the Champion. But what ensues is a major upset!

Cage is asked to investigate if the bout was fixed but this involves a probe against a shady bookie. In a parallel plot, a decorated army officer, essayed by Gary Sinise, who is Cage’s best buddy, tracks down a dreaded assassin who is also linked to the betting business.

All the threads come together seamlessly in an elegantly crafted climax, with the casino providing the perfect backdrop for this crime drama dripping with stunts, twists, money power and betrayal. Carla Gugino, as the female lead, gives a stellar performance. Available on Netflix.

How Online Teenpatti is Killing It

It’s part of marketing folklore now. Even the mighty McDonalds that has a standard menu in 118 countries was forced to tweak its menu to suit the Indian palate when it arrived in India. Not just McDonalds, even Kelloggs and KFC have realized to their chagrin that Indians are notoriously conservative when it comes to things like diet. 

Well, the same phenomena is being seen in the online gaming space too. Games with an Indian context are absolutely killing it. Especially card games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Desi sells and how! Says Daniel Costinski, CEO of a world renowned gaming company who is planning to launch in India soon – Indians are not very familiar with Western themes, Western symbols and Western mythology. So while we will have one-off successes like Candy Crush, we have a much better chance with themes where every Indian can feel a strong emotional connect – be it Bollywood, be it cricket or something very local.”  

It’s a known fact that card games and gambling are an intrinsic part of Indian culture during festive occasions. But due to the rapid proliferation of mobile phones, two shifts are happening. 

One, there is an unprecedented migration from physical tables to smartphone screens at a very rapid rate. Two, frequency of gambling is moving up – it’s no more purely a festive occasion-led activity.

Moreover, card games such as teen patti and rummy don’t have any social stigma attached to them. They are not seen as gambling. Even women of different age groups participate in teen patti sessions whole-heartedly, very often playing with real money. Playing these games are seen as a celebration of life rather than something serious. No wonder, like poker, these games have been declared as games of skill rather than chance by the Supreme Court of India. 

But there is still a lot of ambiguity as different states have different laws. Teen patti companies are using different strategies to combat this legal hurdle. Sometimes by allowing play-money versions. And sometimes, the players need to buy some kind of ‘currency’ like chips that works like ‘quasi-money’. It helps that these allow the companies to operate at very high profit margins, which allows them to attract even more players as they are able to offer very highly lucrative welcome bonuses. In fact, Ernst and Young has published a report that says – online Teen patti and Andar Bahar companies earn 85% of their revenue from such in-app purchases and subscriptions. 

As per a report by PWC, the online card game space is slated to grow at an unbelievable ‘60-90 % year-on-year’. To give you some perspective, high performing blue chips like ITC and Marico grew by 4.5% and 7% last year! Even as we speak, 4 of the top 10 most highly downloaded apps on India’s Google Playstore are card game apps. Two of them, no prizes for guessing, are Teen Patti and Teen Patti Gold! 

The best part of online casinos is that a world-class Teen patti experience is available at your fingertips. You can play it as a table game or at a live table, based on your preference. So what are you waiting for? Remember, life is to be enjoyed over a round of teen patti.

How cricket betting happens in the real world

Cricket betting  or cricket satta is a booming recession-proof market. It has got its own rules, own payment systems, own processes and own eco-systems and it’s no exaggeration to say that it is run as efficiently as any multi-national corporation!

How much is it worth? Since there are no Nielsen reports on this industry (though we would love to lay our hands on one, if it exists!) we can only make an intelligent guess. From our sources, it can be 15,000 to 20,000 crores per match!

Also, there are lakhs of small bookies in every nook and cranny of India – they accept minimal amounts and they could be anyone from your kirana store wala to your jewellery shop owner. You will be surprised that even in a small nondescript place like Poisar (in Mumbai) you can find more than 6,000 bookies each.

The eco-system is very decentralized and fragmented. For example, a bookie in Kolkata was attracting bets of nearly 100 crores from his punters (A punter is some one who places bets) for a single match in the recent England Austalia series while a solitary big bookie was attracting 110 crores.

With due respect to technology, these bookies have their own time-tested ways of keeping accounts. Instead of computers or the cloud, they manually write down details of each transaction – which might be time-consuming but ensures they are in full control of information.

Typically, in rural areas, the minimum bet size is low, maybe Rs. 1000.  Small bookies are comfortable accepting such minimum amounts.

And is there any upper limit for bet? The answer is no! For marquee events like IPL, big bookies will accept bets up from 1 crore all the way to 100 crores.

You also must be wondering how are bets placed. Well, basically, there are two broad formats. You can either bet on the result (what happens in a match) or you can bet on the score (what happens in 6 overs).

You might remember cricketer Sreesanth who was arrested for match-fixing. This was related to the 6 over format where he tried to give away maximum runs in 6 overs. 

Now, who are these people who place bets? They are all regular people, from all strata of society. But a bookie will not take bets from someone he doesn’t know. Entry into this hallowed circle can happen only through strong referrals.

Trust is the glue that holds the system together. Now, if someone refuses to pay after losing a big sum of money, the guy who referred him needs to pay. The rules are simple and black and white. On an average, each bet in India is worth Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000. It can be estimated that the number of people who are employed by this industry will be at least couple of million.

As you can see, the whole system is fairly well-entrenched and rigid. This is the reason why punters are now migrating to online betting as it more flexibility, more betting options, increased convenience and a better user experience which is premium and totally secure.

Are Businessmen Gamblers by Nature?

In this world, nobody is born thinking like a businessman or a gambler by nature. There are things that entrepreneurs learn through experience, from their surroundings and with the money they have. These things manipulate their decisions.

The Similarity

However, to think like an entrepreneur may not be less than that of thinking like a gambler. Think about it for instance! From deciding on a target, investing time, skills and money on it – to making follow ups on profits to make the initial investment worth it and eventually moving to bigger stakes. Doesn’t that sound like something that aligns a gamblers moves?

Eyes on the Prize

The choice to take on about business, is setting goals right and determining what you want. Like a gambler, a businessman thinks concretely and firmly. When you’re gambling for your set target, you need to be firm about playing your cards right. If you flinch, you either falter or you lose. You don’t want your business to eventually wither away if your cover is blown.

Having Faith

Of course nobody becomes rich overnight, but with consistent hard work, it surely pays off. One key element is the initial decision to take a leap of faith. Knowing your finances, and how much you can fuel your business to keep it and yourself afloat, is a big statement of confidence.

Calculating Risks

Of course when you decide and then try to pursue the business world, you set yourself up for risks. These should be calculated according to your capital, your strategies and realistic goals. Gamblers and businessmen are of the same nature when they want to pursue something very tempting yet comes with risky cons.

Cons will always be there. You don’t step into business without expecting to win at all times. There are downs, which requires knowing how to handle. If one thing doesn’t work, like a campaign, you always have the opportunity to plan for the next.

The Intention

Any businessman thinks of expanding their business. Gamblers think of growth as well and keep placing bets. This is where they take that risk to complete their motivation.Their motivation drives them to identify opportunities against other competitors. They all just count on luck rather than hard work.


In conclusion,I think we have established how businessmen are much alike gamblers. They say that if you’re willing to gamble, you would make a successful businessman. Playing safe wouldn’t bring you the big game you should be craving for in your business. It is important to get out there and calculate your risks and take decisions accordingly. Keeping that edge will keep you alive in the game so you can wear that tag of being an entrepreneur with pride.

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Sorry footballers. Football betting not allowed.

Football is a billion dollar industry. Last year, the English Premier League sold its TV rights for a jaw-dropping 5.2 billion dollars. When you got something so valuable, you naturally want to protect it. Barring footballers from betting is one such move the FA has taken to protect the integrity of the game. But footballers are no saints! Most footballers have proved that they are a greedy bunch. Despite earning weekly wages that run into thousands of pounds, they wanted to make more. Let’s look at 4 such players who brought disrepute by getting involved in football betting. 

Martin Demichelis – Manchester City

Argentine defender Martin Demichelis had a glittering career – two Primera Division titles in his native Argentina, a Premier League title and four Bundesliga titles. But the one title he will probably always be remembered by is – ‘El hombre que hizo trampa’ – The man who cheated. 

Demichelis was formally charged by the FA for breaching the betting rules. What had he done? To understand that, one has to understand his career. When Demichelis came to England, he was already a legend in River Plate and Malaga where he had more than 180 caps. He followed manager Manuel Pellegrini to Man City and and helped win the 2013-14 Premier League title. But he was now in decline. This was evident when Marcus Rashford ran him ragged in the 2015 derby against Man United. 

This was probably the beginning of the end. He started getting more and more frustrated. FA investigations revealed that he had, in all, placed a total of 29 bets on football matches earlier that year. But he was let off lightly and fined just 22,000 pounds as none of the matches were events which Demichelis had the capacity to overtly influence.  

Andros Townsend – Tottenham Hotspur

Andros Townsend had a tough initiation into the world of football. Despite being hailed as a prodigy and making his debut for Spurs at the age of 17, he couldn’t land a regular place and found himself going on loan deals. The period between 2009 and 2013 was intensely frustrating, as he could muster up a handful of appearances across the lower leagues. 

He eventually returned to Tottenham in 2013, but the homecoming was marred by the stunning revelation that he was to be investigated by the FA for betting-related activities. He was forced to withdraw from England’s under-21s squad for the European Championship and accepted charges that led to an 18,000 pound slap on the wrist. 

Joey Barton – Burnley FC

Barton is easily, the most high profile casualty of football betting. This was owing to the lengthy sentence he received which cemented his reputation as the ‘bad boy’ of English football. Barton was a serial offender.  

The first case brought against him was by the Scottish FA, who charged the former Rangers midfielder with gambling on 44 matches in 2015 and 2016. This led to Barton being handed a one-match ban which forced him to miss his first game at new club Burnley. But this was the tip of the iceberg. A dossier prepared by the English FA revealed that Barton had placed over 1200 bets over a 10-year period, even on matches where he was playing. This led to an 18 month playing ban.  

Matt Le Tissier – Southampton

Former Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier admitted in his 2009 biography that he had attempted to game the system by placing a bet on a game in which he was playing. How exactly? Le Tissier, who had claimed to thought of the plot with a friend and a teammate, wagered on the time of Southampton’s first throw in a match against Wimbledon in 1995.

His plan was to gain possession of the ball in the first 60 seconds and kick it out of play. Though it was not typical of him to much an elementary mistake, Le Tissier was ready to go ahead and earn a handsome bonus on his weekly wages. Le Tissier admitted it was an error of judgement and confessed. He also stressed that he has stayed away from betting ever since.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t place a football bet. If you have a knowledge of the game or want to know how to bet on football games, you can visit some good online football betting sites like Fairplay999 and place your odds! So start playing, start winning!

Is the Stock Market a Kind of Gambling?

Money management is an essential objective for any individual who wants a secure source of income. Nowadays a constant cash flow or the existence of passive income has become an ideal and attainable goal. Therefore, if investing in a stock market, or trying your luck at poker is a good motivation for a favorable financial return, then it’s important to comprehend the risks behind these activities.
Allocating funds, so that a future profit arises, is a stock market’s prime objective. Research and analysis of the current market situation will help in segregating those companies which are offering favorable stocks, such as blue-chip stocks which indicate a strong source of wealth. There are significant differences among gambling and investing in the stock market, but one in particular which stands out is the risk factor.

Difference between the Two
Betting on a horse-racing event is usually expected as a blind investment unless you take the time to pick a truly valiant steed. However, investing in a strong multinational company’s record on the stock exchange will surely be a more accurate depiction, of how your finances will be calculated. The reason being is that gambling is a onetime cash exchange with the chance to receive a large sum if you win the bet, likewise stock investments give you a share of the selected company which will eventually lead to the investor receiving favorable dividends on a timely basis.

It seems that with all the available information on a public company’s financial status, investors can do their homework before deciding to act, which allows risk to be properly acknowledged. Even though gambling is stereotypically understood as a shot in the dark, the ‘Dutch book Theorem’ shows otherwise. Professional uses it as a tool to earn profit through probability specifically understanding inconsistent ones that allow the gambler to grab the opportunity of gaining profit whilst avoiding losses.

A lot of discussion about profit has been acknowledged, now shifting the focus of loss, there is certainly a key difference between gambling and investing because the latter has a more reliable outcome. A task termed as ‘stop-loss order’ is the directive by the investor to sell one of their stocks when its value decreases, even though this behaves as a loss, a strong percentage of your risk capital will be retained. In contrast, gambling has a mechanism that is unable to function as a shield from financial setbacks.

An ethical perspective arises when choosing whether to place a bet or invest in quality stock, this is because of the atmosphere of individuals who participate in these tasks respectively. You might mix in with the wrong crowd who are involved in sketchy betting activities, or corrupt companies who appear financially strong on the stock market to attract traders but vanish the second that the company has gathered funds. Thus, it is important to take the time and research, to implement your long-term goals, and identify the true nature of your income source. A plethora of financial reports can be of vital assistance.

What are the most popular slot games ?

Today, every online casino offers a huge selection of slot games. But there are a few that have gained cult following duke to their amazing themes, mind-boggling graphics, exciting bonuses and gripping gameplay. What is particularly interesting is how these slots have derived inspiration from varied themes, from mythology, culture, movies and even fairy tales to create compelling themes. Let’s take a look at 5 of the world’s most popular slots, all of which are available on Fairplay999.


The best part of this slot game is of the pipe and the rats to create an enthralling gaming experience. Featuring 5 reels and upto 40 paylines, this slot game is inspired by the legendary German tale about the famed Pied Piper. The reels feature some authentic stunning medieval architecture of the European small town. A key aspect of this new game is activating the walking feature, where all the mice start following the Pied Piper whilst the game re-spins.


This is an Oriental  Chinese-themed 40-payline slot that offers world-class graphics. There are 4 kinds of gemstones that feature as the main symbols on the 5 reels that have a brilliant sky backdrop. A big draw is the way the dragon theme has been woven into the history and tradition of the Far East to create a captivating theme. The biggest excitement happens when players get a chance to trigger the mythical powers of the dragon with a Dragon Stack Re-Spin feature. Play this and see if the dragons will bring luck to you!


As the name suggests, King Colossus is a magnum opus game with mega stakes and amazing bonuses. The first thing that will strike you are the gold-framed reels and the fantastic symbols against the rich blue background. There is a riveting soundtrack matches the game’s epic drama and fits in with the game universe. Every element in the game dials up the grandeur and power, so apt for this ‘Games of Thrones’-esque slot game.


This is a game with one of the highest return-to-player ratio of 96.77%, which shows its stickiness and enduring popularity. This takes you on an edge-of-the seat drive along the shiny streets of Monaco as you get sucked into an adventure chasing down a series of sticky wins. Other reasons to play this include big wins boosted by wild multipliers, the uniquely exciting gaming structure and Re-spin feature that leads to more winning combinations. There is glamour, danger, crime and fast paced action..a successful recipe, so often used in the Bond 007 and Fast & Furious movies!


This is one classic that will never go out of style! Fruit n Stars is comfort food for slot game enthusiasts! There are 5 reels and 5 paylines packed with  with colorful succulent fruits and shining stars. Everything has got a retro feel. The 5 reels make it more interesting and adventurous than a typical 3-reel slot. Graphics are attention-grabbing but have a simplicity about them. Slot themes will come and go but we don’t see Fruit n Stars going out of circulation anytime soon!