3 great gambling movies on Netflix & Amazon Prime

Who doesn’t love a cool gambling flick? Hollywood certainly does and if you look at the box receipts of 2200 million US dollars generated by gambling themed movies in the last 25 years, even the audience loves them!

Well, these are some of the best gambling movies we could find, in Netflix and Amazon Prime. Enjoy!

1. Casino

 Martin Scorsece directed this 1995 classic starring Rob de Niro, essaying the role of Ace Rothstein. Ace is an expert casino player, sent on a mission to smoothen things at the Tangiers casino in Vegas. His employers? The Chicago mafia! De Niro is ably supported by Joe Pesci (playing the role of Nicky Santoro), whose brutality and readiness to use the gun provides a character contrast to the icy-cool De Niro.

The movie exposes the dark underbelly of the shiny casino world, the way it once was, where money rules and any violation of trust is repayable only with ultimate price. It shines a spotlight on how the mafia laundered money, the sophisticated evasion techniques and the money-driven Nevada politics and the tug of war with the Gaming Commission. All of which makes for a tantalizing and complex tale with multiple plot points and layers. 

It will always be known for De Niro’s mind-numbingly cool line – ‘“There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way and the way that I do it.” Available on Netflix.

2.   21

 This must be surely one of the most original and coolest gambling flicks ever. The premise is a true story – How a gang of students, studying in the highly prestigious MIT attempt to pull off a heist at a Vegas casino by playing Texas Hold’em and blackjack. 

What makes them do it? Well, the main protagonist, Benjamin Campbell, is in a fix as he can’t afford to pay the astronomically high fees of 300K USD after getting admission into Harvard’s prestigious  Medical School. But Ben is also freakingly good at math. So, in a twist of fate, he joins a professor in MIT who is already developing a complex algorithm of play blackjack and somehow gain the edge at a casino.

Though Ben was initially hesitant, he plunges into his new endeavor with zeal, fuelled by the easy money and greed that keeps spiraling out of control. Ben multi-tasks, jumping between Vegas and his college, putting himself under undue stress and begins to crack. This is a movie that has got it all – action, drama but what truly elevates it to another level is the accuracy with which it captures the trails and tribulations of the gambling mind. Available on Netflix.  

3. Snake Eyes

This features one of our favourite actors of all time, Nicolas Cage.  Cage is a cynical, unethical detective looking for his big chance just before a big boxing bout in Atlantic City. The reigning champion is Lincoln Tyler who is about to take the ring to reclaim his status as the Champion. But what ensues is a major upset!

Cage is asked to investigate if the bout was fixed but this involves a probe against a shady bookie. In a parallel plot, a decorated army officer, essayed by Gary Sinise, who is Cage’s best buddy, tracks down a dreaded assassin who is also linked to the betting business.

All the threads come together seamlessly in an elegantly crafted climax, with the casino providing the perfect backdrop for this crime drama dripping with stunts, twists, money power and betrayal. Carla Gugino, as the female lead, gives a stellar performance. Available on Netflix.

Is the Stock Market a Kind of Gambling?

Money management is an essential objective for any individual who wants a secure source of income. Nowadays a constant cash flow or the existence of passive income has become an ideal and attainable goal. Therefore, if investing in a stock market, or trying your luck at poker is a good motivation for a favorable financial return, then it’s important to comprehend the risks behind these activities.
Allocating funds, so that a future profit arises, is a stock market’s prime objective. Research and analysis of the current market situation will help in segregating those companies which are offering favorable stocks, such as blue-chip stocks which indicate a strong source of wealth. There are significant differences among gambling and investing in the stock market, but one in particular which stands out is the risk factor.

Difference between the Two
Betting on a horse-racing event is usually expected as a blind investment unless you take the time to pick a truly valiant steed. However, investing in a strong multinational company’s record on the stock exchange will surely be a more accurate depiction, of how your finances will be calculated. The reason being is that gambling is a onetime cash exchange with the chance to receive a large sum if you win the bet, likewise stock investments give you a share of the selected company which will eventually lead to the investor receiving favorable dividends on a timely basis.

It seems that with all the available information on a public company’s financial status, investors can do their homework before deciding to act, which allows risk to be properly acknowledged. Even though gambling is stereotypically understood as a shot in the dark, the ‘Dutch book Theorem’ shows otherwise. Professional uses it as a tool to earn profit through probability specifically understanding inconsistent ones that allow the gambler to grab the opportunity of gaining profit whilst avoiding losses.

A lot of discussion about profit has been acknowledged, now shifting the focus of loss, there is certainly a key difference between gambling and investing because the latter has a more reliable outcome. A task termed as ‘stop-loss order’ is the directive by the investor to sell one of their stocks when its value decreases, even though this behaves as a loss, a strong percentage of your risk capital will be retained. In contrast, gambling has a mechanism that is unable to function as a shield from financial setbacks.

An ethical perspective arises when choosing whether to place a bet or invest in quality stock, this is because of the atmosphere of individuals who participate in these tasks respectively. You might mix in with the wrong crowd who are involved in sketchy betting activities, or corrupt companies who appear financially strong on the stock market to attract traders but vanish the second that the company has gathered funds. Thus, it is important to take the time and research, to implement your long-term goals, and identify the true nature of your income source. A plethora of financial reports can be of vital assistance.