´╗┐Are Businessmen Gamblers by Nature?

In this world, nobody is born thinking like a businessman or a gambler by nature. There are things that entrepreneurs learn through experience, from their surroundings and with the money they have. These things manipulate their decisions.

The Similarity

However, to think like an entrepreneur may not be less than that of thinking like a gambler. Think about it for instance! From deciding on a target, investing time, skills and money on it – to making follow ups on profits to make the initial investment worth it and eventually moving to bigger stakes. Doesn’t that sound like something that aligns a gamblers moves?

Eyes on the Prize

The choice to take on about business, is setting goals right and determining what you want. Like a gambler, a businessman thinks concretely and firmly. When you’re gambling for your set target, you need to be firm about playing your cards right. If you flinch, you either falter or you lose. You don’t want your business to eventually wither away if your cover is blown.

Having Faith

Of course nobody becomes rich overnight, but with consistent hard work, it surely pays off. One key element is the initial decision to take a leap of faith. Knowing your finances, and how much you can fuel your business to keep it and yourself afloat, is a big statement of confidence.

Calculating Risks

Of course when you decide and then try to pursue the business world, you set yourself up for risks. These should be calculated according to your capital, your strategies and realistic goals. Gamblers and businessmen are of the same nature when they want to pursue something very tempting yet comes with risky cons.

Cons will always be there. You don’t step into business without expecting to win at all times. There are downs, which requires knowing how to handle. If one thing doesn’t work, like a campaign, you always have the opportunity to plan for the next.

The Intention

Any businessman thinks of expanding their business. Gamblers think of growth as well and keep placing bets. This is where they take that risk to complete their motivation.Their motivation drives them to identify opportunities against other competitors. They all just count on luck rather than hard work.


In conclusion,I think we have established how businessmen are much alike gamblers. They say that if you’re willing to gamble, you would make a successful businessman. Playing safe wouldn’t bring you the big game you should be craving for in your business. It is important to get out there and calculate your risks and take decisions accordingly. Keeping that edge will keep you alive in the game so you can wear that tag of being an entrepreneur with pride.

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