How Online Teenpatti is Killing It

It’s part of marketing folklore now. Even the mighty McDonalds that has a standard menu in 118 countries was forced to tweak its menu to suit the Indian palate when it arrived in India. Not just McDonalds, even Kelloggs and KFC have realized to their chagrin that Indians are notoriously conservative when it comes to things like diet. 

Well, the same phenomena is being seen in the online gaming space too. Games with an Indian context are absolutely killing it. Especially card games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Desi sells and how! Says Daniel Costinski, CEO of a world renowned gaming company who is planning to launch in India soon – Indians are not very familiar with Western themes, Western symbols and Western mythology. So while we will have one-off successes like Candy Crush, we have a much better chance with themes where every Indian can feel a strong emotional connect – be it Bollywood, be it cricket or something very local.”  

It’s a known fact that card games and gambling are an intrinsic part of Indian culture during festive occasions. But due to the rapid proliferation of mobile phones, two shifts are happening. 

One, there is an unprecedented migration from physical tables to smartphone screens at a very rapid rate. Two, frequency of gambling is moving up – it’s no more purely a festive occasion-led activity.

Moreover, card games such as teen patti and rummy don’t have any social stigma attached to them. They are not seen as gambling. Even women of different age groups participate in teen patti sessions whole-heartedly, very often playing with real money. Playing these games are seen as a celebration of life rather than something serious. No wonder, like poker, these games have been declared as games of skill rather than chance by the Supreme Court of India. 

But there is still a lot of ambiguity as different states have different laws. Teen patti companies are using different strategies to combat this legal hurdle. Sometimes by allowing play-money versions. And sometimes, the players need to buy some kind of ‘currency’ like chips that works like ‘quasi-money’. It helps that these allow the companies to operate at very high profit margins, which allows them to attract even more players as they are able to offer very highly lucrative welcome bonuses. In fact, Ernst and Young has published a report that says – online Teen patti and Andar Bahar companies earn 85% of their revenue from such in-app purchases and subscriptions. 

As per a report by PWC, the online card game space is slated to grow at an unbelievable ‘60-90 % year-on-year’. To give you some perspective, high performing blue chips like ITC and Marico grew by 4.5% and 7% last year! Even as we speak, 4 of the top 10 most highly downloaded apps on India’s Google Playstore are card game apps. Two of them, no prizes for guessing, are Teen Patti and Teen Patti Gold! 

The best part of online casinos is that a world-class Teen patti experience is available at your fingertips. You can play it as a table game or at a live table, based on your preference. So what are you waiting for? Remember, life is to be enjoyed over a round of teen patti.