Types of Andar Bahar

 You may have heard of the popular Bollywood song – Tanha mein akela, toota tara! The good news is, you will never feel alone ever again. All you need to escape the pangs of solitude is your mobile phone. Even if you are missing your friends, you can entertain yourself with a game of Andar Bahar. That’s what many Indians are already doing! Our research has shown that regardless of who you are, be it a Mithibai college-going teenager or a corporate executive or even a housewife, Andar Bahar is now becoming the de-facto option for anyone who wants to alleviate his or her boredom!

Now let’s look at the various ways you can play the Andar Bahar game.

a) Andar Bahar online 

Firstly, you can play it alone. And your location absolutely doesn’t matter! You can be sitting alone in Jantar Mantar or you could be in the cozy air-conditioned environs of your home. Just log on to a online casino site like Fairplay999 and start playing Andar Bahar. In this case, the ‘person’ dealing out the cards is a world-class software program that creates a random sequence of cards from the infinite combinations possible based on an algorithm and deals them out. So you can rest assured there is completely trust-worthy.

b) Andar Bahar Live

Some players don’t want to play against software programs and algos! Each player has his own ‘khelne ka tareeka’ and theories and we are nobody to judge. They like to play in front of a table and they want to real human being deal out the cards. Maybe they feel more in control and honestly, this is completely natural. So online casino sites like Fairplay999 offer a live Andar Bahar version. This is like playing at a live casino where that the dealer is right in front of you, on your screen. The sound quality, ambient music and the realistic graphics will ‘transport’ you inside a casino. God is often in the detail and you will find that online casinos spend a lot of effort in creating the designs of the tables, the costumes of the dealers, the texture on the tables and the background colour themes –  all of which goes a long way in creating a distinct visual identity and impression in the player’s mind.

c) Andar Bahar Multiplayer

 As we mentioned, players are a finicky lot! Some players strongly believe that the ‘propah’ way to play Andar Bahar is when there are many players playing simultaneously at the same time on a single table. It can be online or it can be live – that doesn’t matter as long as many players are participating! It is possible to chat with other players. Apart from the thrill of winning and trying your luck, this kind of Andar Bahar fulfills the human need for social interaction. Each version has its pros and cons. The only disadvantage here is that the player will not have the liberty of choosing his ‘lucky’ card when the round of Andar Bahar starts.