What are the most popular slot games ?

Today, every online casino offers a huge selection of slot games. But there are a few that have gained cult following duke to their amazing themes, mind-boggling graphics, exciting bonuses and gripping gameplay. What is particularly interesting is how these slots have derived inspiration from varied themes, from mythology, culture, movies and even fairy tales to create compelling themes. Let’s take a look at 5 of the world’s most popular slots, all of which are available on Fairplay999.


The best part of this slot game is of the pipe and the rats to create an enthralling gaming experience. Featuring 5 reels and upto 40 paylines, this slot game is inspired by the legendary German tale about the famed Pied Piper. The reels feature some authentic stunning medieval architecture of the European small town. A key aspect of this new game is activating the walking feature, where all the mice start following the Pied Piper whilst the game re-spins.


This is an Oriental  Chinese-themed 40-payline slot that offers world-class graphics. There are 4 kinds of gemstones that feature as the main symbols on the 5 reels that have a brilliant sky backdrop. A big draw is the way the dragon theme has been woven into the history and tradition of the Far East to create a captivating theme. The biggest excitement happens when players get a chance to trigger the mythical powers of the dragon with a Dragon Stack Re-Spin feature. Play this and see if the dragons will bring luck to you!


As the name suggests, King Colossus is a magnum opus game with mega stakes and amazing bonuses. The first thing that will strike you are the gold-framed reels and the fantastic symbols against the rich blue background. There is a riveting soundtrack matches the game’s epic drama and fits in with the game universe. Every element in the game dials up the grandeur and power, so apt for this ‘Games of Thrones’-esque slot game.


This is a game with one of the highest return-to-player ratio of 96.77%, which shows its stickiness and enduring popularity. This takes you on an edge-of-the seat drive along the shiny streets of Monaco as you get sucked into an adventure chasing down a series of sticky wins. Other reasons to play this include big wins boosted by wild multipliers, the uniquely exciting gaming structure and Re-spin feature that leads to more winning combinations. There is glamour, danger, crime and fast paced action..a successful recipe, so often used in the Bond 007 and Fast & Furious movies!


This is one classic that will never go out of style! Fruit n Stars is comfort food for slot game enthusiasts! There are 5 reels and 5 paylines packed with  with colorful succulent fruits and shining stars. Everything has got a retro feel. The 5 reels make it more interesting and adventurous than a typical 3-reel slot. Graphics are attention-grabbing but have a simplicity about them. Slot themes will come and go but we don’t see Fruit n Stars going out of circulation anytime soon!